Basic  features:

  • 10 Profiles
  • Firefox, Chrome, Brave Manager
  • Control System website tracking
  • SMS Account Authenticator




All Plus features plus:

  • 350 Profiles
  •  15 Virtual Assistants Seats
  • Post to WP Sites - New SAAS  Coming Soon
  •  10GB/Month Residential Proxy
  • Secret Social Something... Coming Soon 

Ryan Schulz


At Gold Promotion, we use Chameleon to manage client accounts, where each client has a unique profile within Chameleon to help better manage various aspects of their SEO and social media marketing campaigns. We have found that it streamlines account management, prevents lockouts, and improves workflow. The Task Force module has also been very helpful when working with remote staff. Highly recommended - 

steve b

Steve Baily // Digital Marketing

We use Chameleons tool daily on dozens of profiles via our staff of VAs. The profiles are organized geographically and by niche. It simply would not be possible to deal with all these accounts without it. With Chameleon and great proxies we rarely get a verification challenge. Chameleon is an essential tool for multi-account management. 

simon white local blitz

Simon White // Digital Marketer

We have been using Chameleon's Predecessor for several years. For us as an agency it is very helpful to be able to keep all clients logins and assets together in one location. We use it to store Google My Business Logins, Facebook. Website etc and access those profiles/assets from a consistent IP address. It help us streamline our processes so we don’t have to keep looking up logins and passwords

Stacy Flick // SEO Specialist

Just from one single feature (which is one of the most basic features, I believe) we have been able to triple our business. We are now hitting £2.2M in revenue directly because of this feature and the ability to scale with multiple VAs with ease. Once the work is done all of our SEO with Chameleon will be long-standing in the same way as the old software provided creating a sustainable asset which will pay us for years to come and we haven't even scratched the surface.

claudtte hayes

Claudette // Social Media Marketer

I really love Chameleon, My social media would be flat or next to non-existent without Chameleon . I purchased BrowSEO years ago, at the very start, and they upgraded me for free! I'm so glad I did.

stephen t

Stephen Twomey  // Venture Marketer

"Hey Simon, I loved Browseo and Chameleon looks even better. It's a fantastic platform for managing lead generation campaigns as well as client campaigns. If you are a marketer running an agency or a lead generation company and have multiple brands to operate under, then you need to have Chameleon. It is lightweight, easy to use and has great customer service." 

brna dun testimonial

Brian Dunn // SEO Professional

If BrowSEO was anything to go by Chameleon will also be an indispensable tool for any SEO professional. It saves a lot of time and helps avoid accidental mistakes that can get your blogs shut down. In fact it's such a powerful tool that I decided to integrate my own software tool with it. If I was starting over, I'd absolutely make getting it one of my top priorities. Brian Dunn, Creator of Spinjutsu