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The antidetect browser that works

Simple to use, Intuitive, Secure – No account bans or blocks, with fun highly customizable “Chameleon Mode” color themes to make it your own and control the whole experience.

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No blocks or account bans

Stay productive and ahead of big techs tracking. Manage unlimited accounts and get more business done with less stress and effort.

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Full control of your browsing sessions

Chameleon lets you easily keep track of all your open browser instances giving you easy access to everything you need with in one-click.

Share sessions

One-click account sharing with your outsourcers so you are always logged in and appear like you are all in the same office, even if one virtual assistant is on the other side of the world.

Stop bans & suspensions

Account blocks stop you in your tracks, cost money to reverify and the time loss of not doing business will cripple any online marketer.

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Build to impress

Why people choose us over others.


Hands down the best software to do your marketing with! Easy to use and reliably undetectable by web browsers. Stop wasting your time with other software that don’t do half of what Chameleon does. There are so many possibilities with this software, I just love it!


I recently started using the updated version of Chameleon Mode and I’m really impressed! The UI is much cleaner now, and the customizable color themes are very cool. It’s much easier to navigate, and the new proxy service has made utilizing the profiles so much faster. Big thanks to Simon for these upgrades—it’s clear a lot of thought went into them. I appreciate the improvements, and it’s definitely making my online tasks smoother and more enjoyable!.


Having used this since the early days (8-ish years!) I have been consistently impressed by the development team in their continual product development and community engagement and support. If you want to confidently manage multiple profiles and keep your / your clients profiles secure, no other piece of software I have used comes close.


We use Chameleons tool daily on dozens of profiles via our staff of VAs. The profiles are organized geographically and by niche. It simply would not be possible to deal with all these accounts without it. With Chameleon and great proxies we rarely get a verification challenge. Chameleon is an essential tool for multi-account management. 


I really love Chameleon, My social media would be flat or next to non-existent without Chameleon . I purchased BrowSEO years ago, at the very start, and they upgraded me for free! I’m so glad I did.

Key features

Chameleon Protects your army of web properties and social media accounts from being tracked, de-indexed or account bans.

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For affiliates

Chameleon lets you scale and reach more people, generate more leads and convert more customers by securely managing unlimited web properties.


Digital agencies

Manage and automate all you client profiles securely from one dashboard and share them with your assistants for more streamlined workflow.  



Run multiple storefronts and brands securely across the major platforms. Increase your organic reach while automating repetitive tasks..